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RSPCA Lancashire East Branch

RSPCA Lancashire East Branch

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E-mail Scam Warning

5th Apr 2016

Unfortunately, today we are warning our supporters to be extremely vigilant on the internet, as scammers have tried an e-mail “con” that looks like it has come us.
The e-mail has been reported to the police by several people. It is part of an online scam known as “phishing.” Phishing e-mails are used to make the recipient believe that a reputable company or charity is getting in touch for a legitimate reason. Most “phishing” e-mails are made to look like they are from a bank or an online retailer. However, most people are alert and aware of these types of e-mails now, so scammers are constantly looking for new ways to trick people. In this case, several people have alerted the RSPCA Lancashire East Branch about an e-mail that asks the recipient to “click” on an external link.
RSPCA Lancashire East Branch Manager Ken Harrison is very clear that this e-mail is not genuine, and that anybody who receives it should contact the police about it. Ken advised; 
“We would like to make all of our supporters aware that 'phishing' emails are being sent from an email address that is supposed to look like one of ours. Please do not respond to, or click on any links on any e-mails that end in @rspca-lancseast.org.uk. The police are investigating this online scam, but please be aware that RSPCA Altham / RSPCA Lancashire East would NEVER ask anybody for money, or to click a link in an e-mail. If you have received one, please contact the police, and please let us know too. The advice is to always be vigilant online, and NEVER trust any e-mail or website that asks you for money, requests any of your bank details or asks you to click an external link.”

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