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Meet the animal centre team

Jeanette Ainscough – Animal Centre Manager

Profile: Jeanette has worked with animals from leaving school at the age of 16. She started working with horses then worked in private boarding kennels before joing the RSPCA Lancashire East Branch. Jeanette joined us in the role of Deputy Manager and worked her way up to being our animal centre Manager.

Length of Service: From December 1992.

Job Outline: Jeanette is responsible for the day to day running of the animal centre and overall care the animals, staff, volunteers and customers.

Best Part of the Job: Rehabilitating an animal, getting it well both physically and behaviour wise. Then seeing that animal going out to a new home.

Jeanette is pictured with her horse, Canaster, who lives in the Stables at the Animal Centre


Ken Harrison – Branch Manager

Profile: Ken spent most of his working life in the Transport & Distribution Industry. Starting as a driver he worked his way up to Distribution Manager before moving on to Logistics consultancy. Seeking a change, Ken took time out to ponder his future before joining the old Bury branch as a trustee. This led to him applying for the new post of Branch Manager at the Lancs East branch in 2005.

Length of service:From April 2005

Job Outline:  Responsible for the overall day-to-day operational activities of the Branch, including the Animal Centre at Altham and our 2 shops in Burnley & Clitheroe. 

Best part of the job: I’ve always loved animals and after many years of working in Transport I wanted to do something that involved looking after animals in some way. My job is never boring and there are never two days the same. The biggest thrill is seeing a family walk out of the animal centre with their new pet and with a big smile on their faces. Another is to see the letters and pictures from people who want to tell us how happy their new pet is in their new home. That’s what we’re all here for after all!!!

Zoe Waite - Deputy Manager

 Profile: Zoe lives in Padiham. She used to design poetry books, calendars and put art work in books.

  Zoe started at the RSPCA as a receptionist then moved onto the animal side and is now the animal centre supervisor.

  Length of Service: Started in July 2007.

  Job Outline: To make sure all the animals have everything they need, like their medication, clean kennels and warm bedding. Zoe also looks after the animal centre and the staff from time to time.

  Best part of the job: Rehabilitating animals that have been cruelly treated, and seeing them find loving new homes. Zoe loves spending her time trying to make the animals lives happy while they are here.


Yvonne Lutkevich - Receptionist

Profile: Yvonne worked as a civil servant for 37 years before taking exit package. She joined us at RSPCA Lancashire East as part-time receptionist. Yvonne is a life-long animal lover who is delighted and excited to be working for the RSPCA.

Length of Service: Started in June 2014

Job Outline: telephone duties, arranging home visits, helping visitors to the centre and advising potential adopters, keeping our records on the animals up-to-date.

Best Part of the Job: Seeing the change in the animals brought into the centre to when then they are adopted due to the dedication and hard working staff, they are healthy, happy animals.


Angela Watson - Receptionist

Profile: Angela is our part time receptionist, after volunteering for us.

Length of Service: Started in May 2015.

Job Outline: telephone duties, arranging home visits, helping visitors to the centre and advising potential adopters, keeping our records on the animals up-to-date.

Best Part of the Job: Seeing animals being rehomed.


Alison O'Neal - Animal Care Assistant, Home Assessor and Behaviour Advisor

Profile: Alison worked with animals after leaving school but then changed career to nursing. She has always enjoyed being with animals and worked as a volunteer at RSPCA Altham before being successful in gaining a permanent post.

Length of Service: Started paid work at RSPCA Altham in March 2015.

Job Outline: Alison is responsible for providing care for the animals at the centre. She also visits the homes of people wishing to rehome their animals to undertake assessments, along with offering advice to the public, especially those who are experiencing problems with their pets.

Best part of the job: Spending time with animals, getting to know their characters and helping to give them confidence. The best part is undoubtedly seeing them with their new family and going off to loving new homes.

Julie Vickers - Animal Care Assistant


Profile: Julie lives in Darwen and has worked with horses for most of her life. In February 2010 Julie strained her back and had to finish working at the stables. She started with us as a volunteer in June 2010 and felt that working with the animals in our care was what she wanted as a career.

Length of Service: Started in November 2010

Job Outline: The job of animal care assistant is general day to day care of the animals such as feeding, watering and cleaning. It also includes basic medical care such as distributing tablets and worming. Julie also walks the dogs, bathes the dogs and does some training when theres time!

Best part of the job:

Taking care of all the animals, knowing that they're safe and well looked after and eventually they will be settled in a proper home.

Michelle Wood - Animal Care Assistant

  Profile: Previous to working with the RSPCA Michelle worked in Child Care for 4 years and before that she worked at a kennels and cattery business. Michelle has always had an interest in animal care.

 Length of Service: Started August 2010

 Job Outline: To provide care for the animals, training and rehabiltating them to help them gain a new home, as well as cleaning, grooming and feeding them all.

 Best part of the job: Knowing that I am making a difference for an animal and helping to rehabilitate them.

Dominic Waite– Animal Care Assistant

Profile: Dominic started at the Centre in January 2005, on a college work experience placement. He then moved on to be a weekend Animal Care Assistant before joining us full time on completion of his college course.

Length of Service: 2005

Job Outline: Cleaning the animals and general care making sure that they are all safe and healthy.

Best part of the job: Looking after all the animals and getting to see them go home.


Angela Loveder - Animal Care Assistant

Profile: Angela worked in the health service for ten years before deciding on a career change. She went to Lancaster and Morecambe College to study animal behaviour before starting work in private boarding kennels.

Length of Service: Started in March 2007

Job Outline: Angela is responsible for caring for the animals at the centre and for reporting any changes in the animal.

Best part of the job: Working as part of a team to provide the best care for our animals entering and leaving the centre. I also really love meeting the new owners and hearing about how the animals are getting on after leaving the centre and living in their forever home.

Lynn Moores - Animal Care Assistant                                        

Profile: Had a few part time jobs while undertaking training to become a veterinary nurse. After qualifying I worked at a couple of practises before deciding that I would like to work for an animal charity. After volunteering successfully, I obtained employment with the RSPCA Lancashire East Branch.

Length of Service: I started working at Altham in 2001.

Job Outline: Looking after and caring for the animals at the centre, rehabilitating and nursing back to health.

Best part of the job: Spending time with the animals and the feeling I get when animals are successfully rehomed and happy.


Angela Bowe - Animal Care Assistant

Profile:  Angela worked in secondary education for 27 years and became a secondary schools education advisor for the RSPCA in 1998 and as a Branch Administrator for Lancashire East. As hours increased on the schools work, Angela had less time to work on the administrative side.

Length of Service:  Since 1998

Job Outline: Cross checking the centres invoices and vet help given.




Steve Suttie - Branch Administrator


Profile: After managing radio stations Steve decided to do something completely different and applied to join the RSPCA hoping he could learn more about how charities operate and adapt his skills to the sector. 

Length of Service: Started in 2010

Job Outline: Helping organise fund raisers, looking after all administration duties, collecting the various charity boxes around the region, counting the coins, designing posters, writing and designing the newsletters and promotional materials, sending out all correspondance to staff, volunteers and supporters. Organising fundraising drives such as supermarket collections, football matches and events. No two days are the same which is great for Steve as he's unbearable when he's bored.

Best part of the job: Seeing the incredible amount of love and affection the public have for the charity, the animals and especially the cause of animal welfare. It really is humbling to see how many people in the local community do extraordinary things to enable Altham animal centre to continue to carry out its vital work.

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